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What is Saratoga Speech Center?

Saratoga Speech Center is a private practice in Saratoga Springs that offers individual speech, language and voice evaluations and therapy for children of all ages.  Our Speech Language Pathologists are New York State licensed and hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence.  We are participating providers with many health insurance companies and county programs. 

What is a Speech Language Pathologist?

A Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) or Speech Therapist works with a variety of children, teens and adults.  We work with: 

A.  Articulation (producing speech sounds)

B. Voice (prolonged hoarseness or vocal abuse)

C.  Receptive and/or expressive language delay (acquiring vocabulary, grammar, concepts, speaking in complete phrases/sentences)

D.  Pragmatic language (using language to communicate in both social and academic situations)

E.  Childhood apraxia (the ability to sequence and produce the motor movements necessary for the production of speech sounds in words, phrases, and sentences.

F.  Fluency & stuttering (first signs often noticed between 2 and 3 years of age)

G.  Myofunctional disorders (typically demonstrated by the tongue always pushing against the front teeth when eating and producing speech sounds such as the /s,z/)

H.  Speech and or language problems following traumatic brain injurt and stroke, or those related to academic or developmental learning disabilities, hearing inpairment, cerebral palsey, autism and mental retardation.

How do I know if my child is delayed?

In the development of speech and language it is common for children to make mistakes throughout the learning process.  Speech and language milestones serve as a guide to what your child should be doing at different stages of development.  To determine if your child is progressing age-appropriately visit www.asha.org/public for a chart of speech and language milestones.  If you have questions you can always contact our office at (518) 450-0297.  We would be happy to answer your questions. 

What do I do if I think my child needs speech therapy? 

If you are concerned about your child's speech and/or language development schedule an evaluation.  You can discuss your concerns with your child's Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) at that time.  After the comprehensive evaluation your SLP will discuss results and make recommendations to you.  At that time any questions you may have will be answered.  To schedule an evaluation in our office call (518) 450-0297.  We participate with many  health insurance plans, which would cover the cost of your child's evaluation.  If you have questions about the evaluation process or insurance coverage, please call our office at the same phone number or email us at Saratogaspeech@yahoo.com 

Rebecca Lozier, MA, CCC/SLP                                                               Camille Maxwell, MS/SLP

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